The making of

The Characters


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The Making of ‘Snow White’

A short film


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DARBO Fruit Syrups and Klaus Darbo - Head of Marketing Adolf DARBO AG

The Product & Client

DARBO has been my longest running client, over a 9 year period.

I’ve loved these jobs so very much, each and every one has been unique. Every time I get a call to quote a DARBO job, I smile the biggest smile.

The company is family run and the products are of the highest quality, they take extreme care to ensure that everything is pure and natural.

This ‘Snow White ‘ commercial was focusing on the diverse range of Fruit Syrups.


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The Agency

Demner, Merlicek & Bergman have worked for Darbo for very many years.

Because of this there is a great deal of understanding and trust between the agency and the client.

I’ve been Directing Darbo commercials for over 9 years so there is great creative communication between everyone.

Darbo have a very unique brand and always want a particular ‘look’ and ‘uniqueness’, but I do need to do something new and exciting each time visually so that everything is not exactly the same.

Each Darbo commercial is incredibly rich in detail, and I’ve always had the best support from both Agency and Client on working through every single detail relating to projects.


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The Story

English Translation of the Voice Over:

“Countess Elderflower (1), Prince Wild Berry (2) and Baroness Mango (3)

are enraged:

- There is somebody out there who has better fruits than they have.

Who could this somebody be?

(4) The answer was quick in coming.

Behind the mountains sat the Princess trying out the fruit elixirs.

Darbo Syrup.

Full of fruit, full of taste.”


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The Characters

Countess Elderflower

It was obvious from the script, each character was a strong and specific look.

Agne Biskyte was the Costume Designer and was assisted by Giedre Anuzyte.

Together they did the most beautiful concept presentations and then in a very short space each costume was hand-made.

The following pages show the amount of detail and design that went into creating each character and their sets.

Countess Elderflower - Initial Set Design Sketch by Nerijus Narmontas/ Production Designer

The final set and costume



prince blackcurrant


Costume concept

 - Freedom

 - Duty

Costume details

- Military decorations

- Hat

- Long fringes


Prince Blackcurrant- Initial Set Design Sketch by Nerijus Narmontas/ Production Designer

The final set and costume



Baroness raspberry

Costume details


 - Tulle & fur

 - Shining


Collar design

Baroness Raspberry- Initial Set Design Sketch by Nerijus Narmontas/ Production Designer

The final set and costume



Snow White

Costume concept



the 7 youths

7 personnages

1. “Teddy boy”, suit with shorts, bow-tie & long socks.

2. “Sexy boy” shirt, suspenders & slim trousers.

3. “Nature lover / Modern farmer”, shirt, vest & bow-tie.

4. “Romantic boy”, floral print shirt & suit.

5. “Warrior boy”, modern suit with military uniform details.

6. “Solid / Geek boy”, minimalist style, turtle neck sweater & glasses.

7. “Bohemia boy”, suit & scarf.

Initial Set Design Sketch by Nerijus Narmontas/ Production Designer

The final set and costumes


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Producer - Bonnie Fay, Director - Tracey Rowe,
Grandma Production - Indre Petrukaitiene


Grandma, Vilnius - Thank you for being such a great Production Company!
Linas & Gerda you are amazing Producers.


CEO - Mr. Martin Darbo

Head of Marketing - Mr. Klaus Darbo


CEO - Mr. Mariusz J. Demner

Client Service: Director - Mr. Helmut Schliefsteiner

Client Service - Mrs. Martha Stockbauer

Creative Director - Mr. Rene Pichler

Head of TV - Mrs. Eva Hessler


Executive Producer - Mrs. Bonnie Fay

Director - Mrs. Tracey Rowe


Managing Director - Indre Petrukaitiene

Executive producer - Linas Martinkenas

Producer - Mrs. Gerda Serbentaite


Post production supervisor - Mr. Nigel Mortimer

Producer - Mrs. Sascha Mortimer


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