The making of

The Team

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The first step is to decide which song was the best to make a clip for, Giselle had many to choose from. There were two in the mix for a while as we talked through various ideas.

Giselles initial brief:


When we saw the location images, and matched them with some of the initial reference imagery Giselle had found, it all started taking shape and it was obvious which song and lyrics it suited.

‘Arms Around Me’, ‘liquid galaxy’, ‘floating in the dead sea’,

‘liquid of stars’, ‘choral glowing’,

‘a weightlessness’, ‘a dead sea floating’.

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Giselle’s initial reference imagery reminded me of a family favourite place. I took Lewis there on a reconnaissance and found a lot of great angles. There was no doubt that it offered some fantastic opportunities visually, it’s just that the access to it was tidal, and once there, you needed to climb rocks and be sure footed amongst the slippery sections.

Giselle loved the shots and agreed that we should go for it regardless of the difficulties.

Interestingly we both loved that, by accident, what Lewis was wearing fitted nicely into the environment, so that started a conversation about what Giselle would wear.

Her dress was perfect, thanks to her mum who made it specially for the shoot.

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Making Bubbles

Giselle had the tenacious spirit and worked on the formula and mastered the technique of creating enormous bubbles. She then showed her brother how to make them and he was our man on the shoot day who kept making beautiful bubbles all day.

We did take a fan with us to the location so that we could gently blow them in the direction required for shots and we were so lucky, the weather was just perfect for us.

I have to say the first bubble that took form and floated across the water gave me goose bumps, it was incredibly magical.

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Cameras & Rigs

In order to get that serene floaty feeling we decided after many conversations to use two Canon 5D Mk 2 cameras, tripods, and one gyro stabilised rig, a DGI Ronan.

Obviously this is a specialised piece of equipment and I think Tim was incredible to be able to make it work properly having never seen or used it before.

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The Team

A small passionate group of filmmakers and musicians.

There were falls and adventures in boats aplenty.

We shared this incredible location with a diamond python, a bush turkey and a goanna. We had a short time in which to optimise the light and also catch the tides.

We were all very exhausted by the end of the day, but we knew we had some very beautiful and special shots.

Giselle was the most amazing collaborator, I’m so glad she chose me to be part of this project.



Tracey Rowe & Giselle Rosselli

Camera Operators

Tracey Rowe , Samantha Hawker, Tim Hart

Production Assistants

Mike Molloy, Lewis Molloy, Nathan Bryant


Adriano Rosselli


Giselle Rosselli

Editorial Mentors

Alissa Dedman, Gabby Muir

Post Production

Cutting Edge, Sydney


Lynne Baillie


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